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Tales from Tibet: Tibetan women find their voices in a new book - posted on

Love at First Note: My Life with Brahms

New Starts for the ArtsThree Women, One Goal: Make the South Bay a World - Class center for the performing arts. pdf (388K)

Master Class: Exploring World Cultures Through Music - posted on

Genius on Stage: Chamber Music- posted on or
posted on pdf (with photos)

A Mighty Wind: Calefax Reed Quintet - posted on or
posted on pdf (with photos see page 23)

Taking the New World on Tour - posted on or
posted on pdf (with photos)

Trio on the Go: Saint Michael Trio makes music in the midst of fast-paced Silicon Valley careers - posted on
posted on pdf (with photos)

The Body from the Inside Out: Dance of Survival -- choreographer finds art in illness - posted on pdf (with photos)

Italian Journey: At an unusual language school, a writer learns to speak from the heart - posted on

Jazz on the Rocks, Coastal Living magazine - posted on

Tibetan Nuns Find Time for Education in an Indian Exile, San Francisco Chronicle - posted on

Holy Chapattis and Unholy Garbage - posted on
Download paper as a PDF: pdf file (p.13) with photos

Roads Less Traveled in Kathmandu - posted on
Download paper as a PDF: pdf file (p.12/13) with photos

Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Dharamsala - posted on
Download paper as a PDF: pdf file (p.16) with photos

The Secrets of Florence, unraveled - posted on

East meets West - Rich blend of musical styles and influences expected at Pan-Asian Music Festival. posted on

Lasting Strings - The Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra celebrates 40 years of youthful music making. posted on

Master of the ArtsGordon Knox brings color, passion and vision to the Montalvo artists' residency program.

Flowers, Fountains and FoodAlfresco dining makes the Bay Area a paradise
South Bay Accent, August/September 2005.

Reading out Loud – Sharing a solitary pleasure in a reading group. posted on

Tea with Emily - a new production brings the audience face-to-face with the legendary poet. posted on

A Love Affair with Color – Home and abroad inspire photographer Nancy H. Cole. posted on,   posted on pdf (with photos)

Portrait of a Curator – Michael Killen's private gallery connects art and music. posted on pdf,  Download paper as a PDF: Section 1

Seeing Humor in Cancer – "Wit" a powerful piece of theatre. posted on

The Face of AIDS – Photographer Karen Ande documents AIDS orphans in Africa. posted on, posted on pdf (with photos)

Dream for a Winter's Evening – Shakespeare's classic romance at the Pear Theatre. posted on

Persimmon Perfection – A good sleuth can track down persimmons before they’ve left the tree. posted on

Bello Spello - a spellbinding hilltown in Umbria, Italy.

Bach Dancing & Dynamite - jazz against the sound of rolling breakers.

Ganesh's Berries - Finding a job in Nepal requires an old bicycle and a little help from the patron deity for teachers.

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