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Still Cutting After All These Years - posted on

The Body from the Inside Out: Dance of Survival -- choreographer finds art in illness - posted on pdf (with photos)

Up and Running: A determined stroke survivor honored at the Human Race - posted on

A Dose of Humor: Improvisational drama helps sick children rediscover fun and normality - posted on pdf (with photos page 11)

South Asians get heart smart: New heart center addresses higher risk of coronary disease among certain ethnic groups. posted on , posted on pdf (with photos)

On the right path: Kaiser program provides kids with the knowledge they need to fight obesity.
posted on , posted on pdf (with photos)

"A Curious Kind of Widow": Wife charts the ravages of her husband's Alzheimer's disease. posted on

For love of beauty - Skin care treatments range from face cream to dermapigmentation. posted on

Never too late to hit the weights - Mountain View physician couldn't find a gym offering the training she wanted — so she started her own. posted on

Don't ignore this part of the body - Regular screenings are still the best way to avoid colon cancer. posted on

A baby at all costs - Pregnancy happens easily for some, but for others it can be a nightmarish quest that eats up their resources -- financial, physical and emotional. posted on

The cough that kills - Doctors hope new vaccines will help stop on upsurge in pertussis, better known as whooping cough. posted on

Speed is the key to outliving a stroke - posted on

The problem-solver -
Inventive Mountain View trainer Don Scheiman revolutionized fitness for the disabled. posted on

Autism on the rise - Experts struggle to understand why disorder is afflicting more and more children. posted on

The Healing Touch - Breast cancer patients find 'energy-balancing' therapy can alleviate chemo's harsh side effects posted on

Re-entry tough for injured vets - Wounds from Iraq war will forever change lives of young soldiers. posted on

Living with dying - Hospice care helps family cope with the most difficult time. posted on

A new device combats stroke - MV firm provides new tool that can save patients. posted on

Health for healthcare workers - Medical group encourages healthy diets for everyone. posted on

Painting Memories - Art is therapy for Alzheimer's patients. posted on

Training the Brain - Neurofeedback as therapy for mental health. posted on

A Guide to Inner Peace ... and flexibility, strength, endurance ... - Yoga boom hits Mountain View. posted on

Looking out for each other - Glaucoma patients bond over loss of sight. posted on

Mastering your Metabolism - Local doctors address precursor to diabetes, heart disease. posted on

Help from the heart doc - posted on

Healing a hurting heart - Heart attack almost sneaks up on local woman. posted on

There's No Place Like Home - Caregivers make house calls to elderly patients. posted on

Ear After Ear - Sculptor and surgeon reconstructs ears. posted on

Teens talk about sex - Local doctors' group caters to young women. posted on

Getting a second opinion - your own - Patients can do their own research at new cancer center . posted on

The Beats Go On - Heart foundation keeps cardiac patients healthy. posted on

Calm after the storm - Karate black belt narrowly avoids effects of severe stroke. posted on

A life-or-death decision - End-of-life issues. posted on

Being light, seeing light - Spiritual counseling helps people face disease, weight loss. posted on

Stroke Warning- After a stroke, a doctor teaches others how to avoid having one. posted on

Cardiac Patients Take Heart - Therapy program provides exercise, counseling. posted on

Laser Vision - Lasik eye surgery is one solution to seeing better. posted on

All in a Pediatrician's day - "Anyone who welcomes a new baby without complaint is crazy," says Dr. Elliot Lepler matter-of-factly to the mother who has brought her newborn into his Mountain View office for the two-week checkup. posted on

Recognizing Warning Signs Critical to Stroke Survival -When a stroke first creeps up, it may not feel like a medical emergency. posted on

Ninety Degrees of Restoration - Warm water therapy makes a world of difference. posted on

Heading off Stroke, El Camino Hospital Comes to the Fore
posted on

Burn Survivors Push Prevention - children raise money for Champ Camp posted on

A Kite to Cure the Soul - Dr. Khaled Hosseini's new novel of Afghanistan posted on

After Forty Years, Community Rehab Runs Smoothly - C.A.R. celebrates posted on

Maternity a la Mode - Midwives at El Camino Hospital posted on

Ancient Health Remedies Become New posted on

Maui to Mountain View - a Journey through Pain posted on

Alza Corporation Boosts Community's Health posted on

Change and Loss - Coming to Terms with Alzheimer's posted on

Total Fitness - El Camino YMCA posted on

The Kindest Gift - Help from Families CAN posted on

Teaching Eyes to See - Meir Schneider and the School for Self-Healing posted on

Fifty-Five and Falling - becoming an Aikido black belt posted on

Healing Waters - warm water exercise helps many conditions posted on

Beating the Odds - Toni Fourte lives with primary pulmonary hypertension posted on

Healthy Kids, Healthy Community - Children's Health Initiative for the uninsured posted on

Vacation for Mind and Body - posted on

Standing Up for Themselves - young women have strokes, too posted on

Working for a Cure - Parkinson's Disease posted on

Play Safe - staying safe while playing sports posted on

Healing Stories - a new perspective on stroke and breast cancer at The Digital Clubhouse posted on

Facing the New Year - even the face can benefit from a good workout posted on

Breathing Space - snoring is no laughing matter posted on

Giving Thanks for Caregivers - posted on

Helping Children Feel Safe - talking with children in threatening times posted on

Staying Alert - a hospital prepares for terrorist threat posted on

As Strong as Iron - tackling the Ironman Triathlon posted on

Living Well on Dialysis - thirty years on life-saving technology posted on

Edible Energy - a farmers market for flavor and nutrients posted on

Rising out of Pain - For Those in Pain, Inc. helps people comes to grips with a chronic problem posted on

Stroke Alert - With delays in treatment still common and minimal education efforts in place, stroke remains the leading cause of disability in the United States. posted on

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