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What's My Alternative? Hypnosis instead of Epidural - posted on natural solutions

South Asians get heart smart: New heart center addresses higher risk of coronary disease among certain ethnic groups. posted on , posted on pdf (with photos)

Interplast brings smiles to the Third World - posted on

"A Curious Kind of Widow": wife charts the ravages of her husband's Alzheimer's disease. posted on

Speed is the key to outliving a stroke - posted on

A revolutionary new device combats stroke - MV firm provides new tool that can save patients. posted on

The face of an epidemic– Photographer Karen Ande documents AIDS orphans in Africa. posted on or download today's paper as a PDF: Section 1 (with photos)

Whooping Cough is on the rise– 9,771 U.S. cases - adults vulnerable. posted on

Putting Pain to Work– Sufferers say it’s possible to find meaning in chronic pain. posted on

Vacation Starvation– Time off can be a matter of health as well as happiness. posted on

Preventing Infant Pain - It’s been overlooked, undertreated, even discounted. Here’s what you need to know. posted on

Struck Down But Not Out - Surviving stroke is more possible than ever – even if the road to health isn’t an easy one.

Healing Together - Severely burned, JoBeth Walt found her deepest healing in helping young burn victims transform their own pain and shame.

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