Thoughts about remarkable moments, or what could or should be ...

Lit from Within - A visit with Tibetan nuns reveals the truth of impermanence. posted on

Digging for Insights - The interplay between mind and matter in a garden can produce unexpected blooms.

Can Memories of Kindness Survive? In Blowing up the Great Buddhas, the Taliban of Afghanistan may have cut themselves off from the truths they needed most. posted on

Feasting on Memories - Noting all the delicious things her sons have said and done, a mom can freely indulge in the past.

What's Wrong with Using the V-Word? - Why Americans, the freest people on earth, give up their most basic right: time to be who they are.

Persimmon - The most elusive fruit of fall.

Riding my Father's Elephant - Read about the birth of a new children's book. posted on

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