Recommendations for Diana Reynolds Roome

Diana's …thoroughness, attention to detail, reliability and good nature make her a pleasure to work with. - Margot Sutherland, manager CWO, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Thanks for the wonderful work .... Your corrections are comprehensive and detailed. They improve the paper dramatically (and I also learned a few things).
It's exactly what I needed. Thank you for catching those things, they would have been embarrassing...
I wanted to let you know that I always love reading your comments -- I learn so much about how to perfect my writing from them!
You really do an amazing job and have taught me a lot along the way.
Quotes from Stanford staff and faculty

Diana did an excellent job editing my book, not only from the standpoint of grammar and style, but also with an eye to the overall meaning and intention of the book. Her editing reached through to bring out clearly what I was trying to say. - Mitch Gooze, marketing consultant and founder of OMT Group, Santa Clara.

You have found a clever way to teach through the printed word. - Dr. W. Edwards Deming, founder of statistical process control movement

What you do is so important. Working with others has only shown me more strongly what I value so much in your teaching style. You truly have a gift. - Leslie Myers, singer, songwriter

Diana reads with great insight, enabling me to know my own work better. - Katherine Maxfield, marketing consultant and award-winning short story writer.

Your interpretation of the way I wanted to convey a message from the drafts was wonderful. What a gift! - Dianne Verdeckberg, Mountain View/Los Altos High School District

Diana Roome loves to teach, and has an extraordinary ear for language. These qualities, plus the easy rapport she enjoys with her students, have made her the most effective - and the most sought-after - writing tutor in our program. - Diana Lydgate, M.A. co-coordinator, STEP program, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills

Your message is clear, but your writing has made it clairvoyant. - Ned Rubin, president Wireworks, Inc.

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