"Only connect," wrote E.M. Forster, one of my favorite writers. So in that spirit I send out words as go-betweens, to connect ideas with ideas, and lives with lives.

The people I write about are remarkable, though not necessarily famous. Their convictions have led them to create something new or make a difference for someone else, often changing their own lives in the process. They may be tackling problems of health - either because they work in the health field or because they're coping with a difficult condition. People in social work, mental health, or the arts are working to change the way we perceive - both with our eyes and minds. Some have fought long and hard to achieve their vision, and sometimes their insights connect them profoundly with others.

I hope you'll find some interesting connections as you peruse the various writings here (see Articles). Some might even appear in the form of children's stories (see Books) ...

Fiction or nonfiction, writing is a license to jump into the stream of other people's lives, and bring back little samplings of them, word by word. It's an adventure and a privilege. May the encounters described here be as fascinating for readers as they have been for me.


Speed is the Key to Outliving a Stroke - posted on sf-gate.com

The Body from the Inside Out: Dance of Survival - Choreographer finds art in illness - posted on paloaltoonline.com pdf (with photos)

Lit from Within: a visit with Tibetan nuns reveals the truth of impermanence -
posted on yogajournal.com

The Elephant's Pillow

Winner of the Fall 2003 Parents' Choice Silver Award


Tulliver's Tunnel, by Diana Reynolds Roome, illustrated by Susan Winter, is out in the UK and USA! Paperback edition is coming soon.

A new picture book for independent-minded 3 to 6 year-olds.

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